Uses less energy

It knows when to increase or decrease airflow. It has an exceptionally efficient heat-recovery built in, so you waste less heating energy.

Easy to use

We always wanted it to be easy to use. You set your air preferences just once, and the system will keep them with the best efficiency it can.

Healthy indoor climate

A good ventilation helps you sleep well and heal faster, decreases drowsiness and improves productiveness.

How to use Airobot

Airobot is a high technology product, yet using the latest system is very easy. The system makes its decisions based on the amount of people in the room without compromising on energy saving. This means Airobot is fully autonomous and humans don’t have to intervene.

Airobot is aware that the capacity for work as well as general well-being are greatly defined by interior air quality and therefore gives ultimate performance in order to create enjoyable atmosphere in the room. This means that the system stands up for its users health and comfort without having to compromise on energy saving.

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