Uses less energy

It knows when to increase or decrease airflow. It has an exceptionally efficient heat-recovery built in, so you waste less heating energy.

Easy to use

We always wanted it to be easy to use. You set your air preferences just once, and the system will keep them with the best efficiency it can.

Healthy indoor climate

A good ventilation helps you sleep well and heal faster, decreases drowsiness and improves productiveness.

Airobot S

Full self-thinking ventilation unit

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Integrated sensors

In standard there are different types of sensors included in each device to measure pressure, temperature, humidity and CO2, which makes Airobot especially unique.

Energy saving mode

When there are no persons in the room, device automatically switches to energy saving mode and works at minimal possible speed. In case somebody returns home, it will resume previous settings.

Humidity mode

When using bathrooms excess humidity occurs. Airobot detects it automatically and increases ventilation speed.

Summer cooling

Every device comes with built-in summer bypass function, which works automatically. For instance if the house becomes overheated in the summer, Airobot will register the outdoor temperature as it has gone below indoor temperature and therefore starts cooling down the house.

Filter pressure

Mostly users are not sure when to replace filters. Airobot includes sensor which detects the need to change the filter.

Anti-frost protection

In cold climate it is possible that heat exchanger can frost. Automatic frost protection makes sure that the Airobot doesn’t freeze.

Mobile application

Intelligent. Developing

Airobot is connected to Airobot Cloud and is therefore constantly being updated. New technology and constant improvements to software means that the device will remain high-technology even after years. All this comes automatically and doesn’t need user input.

iOS and Android applications

All Airobots come with a wall attachable controller and iOS and Android application which can be used to control the device.

The socket sized controller is wall attachable through which the main functions can be managed: the device is in automatic mode by default and maintains the room temperature, CO2 and humidity automatically.

The mobile app has also been made compatible with tablets, which can be used for managing the device regardless of the location.

From mobile applications you can see the past 24h climate data.


Heat recovery ventilation

Counter flow heat exchangers are integrated into devices. Outside air gets heated up in the heat exchanger by the extract air. That way it is not necessary to post-heat the supply air. Heat recovery can save up to 40% on the heating bill.

Energy recovery ventilation

High quality energy recovery heat exchangers (Enthalpy, heat- and humidity recovery) make your in-door climate even better. Additional to heat recovery, they also recover humidity, which will help to maintain humidity level during heating period. Energy recovery heat exchanges is available at extra cost.

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In-door climate

Airobot is aware that the capacity for work as well as general well-being are greatly defined by interior air quality and therefore gives ultimate performance in order to create enjoyable atmosphere in the room. This means that the system stands up for its users health and comfort without having to compromise on energy saving.

Airobot demand-controlled ventilation:

  • Saves on electricity and heating
  • No need to change filters that often

Airobot can be used for:

  • living spaces (flats, houses)
  • business and communal spaces (offices, hotels, schools, nurseries etc)