Airobot S1

Maximum airflow 400 m3/h or 111 L/s
Recommended ventilated area up to 170 m2

A+ energy labelling
Heat recovery efficiency 92,6%

Usage: apartments, smaller houses

Airobot S2

Maximum airflow up to 500 m3/h or 139 L/s
Recommended ventilated area up to 250 m2

A+ energy labelling
Heat recovery efficiency 92,2%

Usage: houses

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Heat exchanger

Counterflow heat exchanger
Heat recovery efficiency up to 95%
S1 92,6% / S2 92,2% (EN 13141‐7, 70% speed)


Energy efficient new generation EC motors


Power 230V 50Hz 12A
Ethernet connection RJ45 plug
Controller RJ45 plug


Autonomous mode
Anti-frost protection
Automatic summer bypass (free cooling)


Wall attachable controller
iOS and Android mobile applications
Automatic fire alarm system input
Building automation: 0-10V CONTROL, ModBus


Duct connection S1 160mm, S2 200mm (can be changed)
Filters 2x ePM10 55% (M5)
Package size 60x80x131cm, weight 60kg
Warranty 2 years
CE certified


Postheater (can be used to heat supple air)
Energy recovery heat exchanger (Enthalpy)
External device control module (external heating / cooling)
Wifi ready module


Airobot is designed to be simple to use and install. Install the device according to manual, plug in the power cable and it already works, no need for additional setup.



1 Airobot S
1 wall attachable controller
1 controller cable, length 5m (CAT5e)
1 pluggable power cable (EU), length 1.8m (IEC C19)
1 wall mounting frame, 3pcs 6x50mm screws
1 condensate trap

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